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Air Monitoring

Environment Monitoring
The National Model Work Health and Safety Regulations require that ‘no person at the workplace is exposed to a substance or mixture in an airborne concentration that exceeds the exposure standard for the substance or mixture’.

The National Exposure Standard (NES) for a substance represents a concentration below which the majority of people should not experience ill health effects, if they are exposed for 8 hours in each working day over a typical working week.

Further information about exposure standards for various hazardous substances can be found on the Safe Work Australia website Hazardous Substances Information System.

Industrial Pollution

Many industries use or produce, either directly or as a by-product of work processes, a variety of chemicals and susbtances that can cause specific air quality issues. In these instances we can assist with desktop studies, and provision of specialised monitoring equipment.

Carbon Monoxide; Nitrogen & Sulphur Dioxides; Respirable Particles; Lead & Metal Fumes; Aerosols and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) represent the majority of airborne contaminants of concern.

We guide our clients through the process of identifying and measuring airborne contaminants, using our expertise and industry leading monitoring equipment.

Our Environmental Toxicologists process data, interpret results and, in close consultation with our clients to ensure an individual best fit solution, we are on hand to provide advice for mitigating hazards.

Air Monitoring - Industrial Pollution
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