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Lead Paints

Hazardous Materials
Lead has been used in many applications, for thousands of years, as surface ore deposits are easily mined and processed. In recent times, however, the adverse health effects of exposure to lead in drinking water, air, dust and soil have been well documented.

Lead exposure affects nearly all bodily systems, and can cause a range of health effects including to the nervous system, kidneys and physical development. The effects of lead on the unborn or young child are typically the most severe, as their body tissues accumulate the metal during growth.

Paints manufactured before 1970 should be assumed suspect and may contain high levels of lead. In 1965 the permissable lead levels in paint were reduced from 50% to 1%, in 1992 levels were reduced to 0.25%, and again in 1997 to 0.1%.

Lead based paints are common in the home and workplace, and renovations and decorating involving sanding, scraping and hot removal of old paint are a leading cause of lead exposure.

Lead Paint Testing & Inspection
   Photo: Lead Based Paints to House

BENSS provides identification and risk assessment for lead paints, lead paint management plans, and advice for safe removal and disposal.

Lead Paint Test Kits

to purchase 3M LeadCheck Test Kits, ideal for testing painted surfaces.
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