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Workplace Asbestos Audits

Asbestos containing materials (ACMs) are present in most workplaces and homes built before the early 1980s. Some materials can be found in plant and equipment manufactured up until 2003, when the National Asbestos Ban came into effect in Australia.

An Asbestos Audit or Inspection is usually the first step in identifying ACMs in the home or workplace, and managing asbestos exposure risks.
Asbestos Audit Report
           Photo: BENSS' Asbestos Report Photographs

Our Asbestos Audit Reports include an Asbestos Register for the site, Risk Assessments, and Recommendations for ACM management.

BENSS' Asbestos Audit Reports and Asbestos Registers are designed to clearly present important information, in an easy to use format for our clients, their staff and contractors.  

Photographs and Marked Plans are also included, to assist identification of materials and locations.

Asbestos Audits vary depending on the purpose, level of intrusion, and whether or not samples are taken. It’s common to undertake more than one type of audit at a site, either at the same time in different areas, or throughout the life of a building.

Management Audits

Asbestos Management Audits are the typical standard for most workplaces.

Management Audits are typically semi-intrusive, with representative samples of suspect materials taken for analysis where necessary. Thay can usually be undertaken while the workplace is operational.

The purpose of a Management Audit is to assess all reasonably accessible areas and materials, for example where routine maintenance or minor building works might be undertaken and potentially disturb asbestos.

Audit findings should be compiled in an Asbestos Register.
Asbestos Management Audit


If ACMs are identified or presumed present in a workplace, they must be periodically reinspected at least every 5 years, or every 12 months in some jurisdictions.

Materials must also be re-inspected if they are likely to have been disturbed, or if workplace changes may alter existing material risk assessments, for example a material becomes more accessible or and/or likely to be accidentally damaged.

Following a Re-Inspection the Asbestos Register and Asbestos Management Plan are also likely to require review.

Area & Equipment Inspections

Inspections of specific areas or items of plant and equipment may be required for a number of reasons, including:

Asbestos Inspection of Plant & EquipmentPhoto: 1970's Boiler with multiple asbestos materials
  • There are concerns about damage to asbestos materials and potential contamination;

  • Maintenance or building works are planned, and may impact on areas, items or materials that have not been previously accessed or assessed;

  • Older plant, equipment or machinery is due for servicing or decomissioning; or

  • Older plant, equipment or machinery is to be relocated.

Pre-Demolition or Refurbishment

Before demolition or refurbishment of a structure or plant, constructed or installed before 31 December 2003, the Asbestos Register must be reviewed.

If there is no Asbestos Register, or the Register is inadequate or highlights No Access Areas which may contain ACMs, a Pre-Demolition or Refurbishment Asbestos Audit must be undertaken.

These intrusive audits often result in damage to access and inspect areas.

In some cases partial demolition of a structure may be required for the purposes of the asbestos audit.

Asbestos Audit - Pre-Demolition
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