Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is the process of testing and classifying an environment, typically for adverse conditions and effects on human health or the natural environment.

Indoor environmental monitoring, within the built environment or workplace, is typically undertaken if workplace conditions or processes are likely to present potentially harmful conditions. Issues of concern may vary, but are often associated with air quality, noise & vibration, or lighting.

Monitoring of the external or natural environment may be to identify and quantify historical contamination, monitor ongoing emissions from current site activities, or provide evidence of adequate risk management practices.

BENSS’ consultants and environmental toxicologists are experienced and use the latest equipment and technologies to test and monitor air, land and water quality in the built and natural environment.

Contaminated Land & Water

BENSS can assist with all contaminated land & water testing, risk assessment ...

Lighting Surveys

Workplace lighting can have significant effects on the health and well being of workers, and the company bottom line

Air Monitoring

A range of air quality issues may present risks to human health or the environment.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging provides an effective method of identifying a range of building safety, sustainability and performance issues.

Noise & Acoustics

‘….employers are responsible for assessing noise levels and implementing controls as necessary.’