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Asbestos Clearance Certificates

A Clearance Certificate is required for licensed asbestos works.

Following any licensed asbestos works, a Visual Clearance Inspection must be undertaken, to confirm the work has been completed to a satisfactory standard, and areas are safe for normal use. All Clearance inspections must be conducted by a competent person (typically an Asbestos Assessor) engaged independently of the asbestos contractor.

Where higher-risk ‘friable’ materials are removed, asbestos air monitoring will usually be required. The area can only be opened for normal use following satisfactory monitoring results, which must be included with the Clearance Certificate.

Air Monitoring Clearances are often an effective way to address asbestos exposure concerns following any asbestos works or potential disturbance, even if not a legal requirement.

Our experienced & licensed Asbestos Assessors can assist with Asbestos Air Monitoring and Clearance Inspections, for all asbestos projects.

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