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Workplace Asbestos Audits

Asbestos is present in most workplaces & homes built before 1985.

Asbestos containing materials (ACMs) are present in most workplaces and homes built before the early 1980’s, and some materials can be found in plant and equipment manufactured up until 2003, when the National Asbestos Ban came into effect in Australia.

An Asbestos Audit or Inspection is usually the first and most crucial step in identifying ACMs in the home or workplace, and managing exposure risks.

Asbestos Audits vary depending on the purpose, level of intrusion, and whether or not samples are taken. It’s common to undertake more than one type of audit at a site, either at the same time in different areas, or throughout the life of a building.

BENSS asbestos consultants are licensed Asbestos Assessors, and highly experienced with auditing all types of environments, from residential to heavy-industrial.

Asbestos Audit Report Photos

Pre-Demolition & Refurbishment


Before demolition or major refurbishment of buildings, plant, equipment or services, constructed or installed before 31 December 2003, the Asbestos Register must be reviewed.

If the Asbestos Register is inadequate to identify all suspect materials that might be disturbed by the works, or highlights ‘No Access’ areas associated with the work area (which could contain asbestos), a Pre-Demolition or Major Refurbishment Asbestos Audit must be undertaken.

These intrusive audits often result in damage to access and inspect areas and, in some cases, partial demolition of a structure may be necessary for the purposes of the audit.

Pre-Demolition Asbestos Audits
Plant & Equipment Asbestos Inspections

Plant & Equipment Inspections


Inspections of specific areas, or items of plant and equipment, may be required for a number of reasons.

  • Concerns about damage to asbestos materials.
  • Older plant, equipment, or machinery is due for servicing or decomissioning, or needs to be relocated.
  • Maintenance or building works are planned, and may impact on areas, items or materials that have not been previously accessed or assessed.

Maritime Audits & Importation


For marine logistics clients, the team at BENSS has ensured Australian Standards are met and international operations continue smoothly.

Our Asbestos Assessors are experienced with auditing existing and new build marine vessels, throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region. We can provide the necessary Clearance Certificate and assistance to complete Australian Customs procedures.

We also hold a permit to import asbestos samples into Australia for analysis at our NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited partner laboratory. For importation of items that may contain asbestos or require confirmatory testing, we can assist with the necessary paperwork and procedures.

Maritime Asbestos Inspections