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Residential Asbestos Inspections

Home renovations are a leading cause of asbestos exposure.

Although there are legal requirements for Workplace Asbestos Audits there is currently no such legislation to protect private homeowners.

Asbestos materials can be found in the majority of Australian homes built before 1980. Although asbestos materials in the home are usually lower risk products, and safe to leave in place, it is important to know where they are to prevent accidental disturbance.

Our experienced & licensed Asbestos Assessors undertake residential asbestos inspections throughout Victoria.

We are independent of asbestos removal companies and will only recommend removal of materials if necessary. In many cases, the risks of removing good condition materials are greater than leaving them in place.

Our consultants always provide friendly and impartial advice to safely, legally, and cost-effectively manage asbestos and asbestos exposure risks in the home, including guidance on how to conduct minor works without a licensed contractor. Where a licensed contractor is engaged, we can assist with the necessary Clearance Certificate.

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Asbestos & Home Renovations