Waste & Recycling

All of our activities produce waste, but with a rapidly growing population, and increasing demands for space and resources, minimising landfill and recycling materials is becoming more important for the local, national and international environment.

The costs of waste disposal are continuing to rise and minimising waste, or realising opportunities to raise additional revenue from the waste stream, can significantly impact on an organisation’s cash flow.

Businesses are increasingly being held accountable by their customers for a range of environmental and social factors, including use of raw materials and waste generation, and regulatory requirements for organisations to document and enact waste management policies and procedures look set to become more stringent in the very near future.

Waste Audits

BENSS provides waste audit and consultancy services for single sites, or multiple asset portfolios. We can assists with consultancy and Waste Management Plans for small organisations or large multinationals, and for all types of workplace.

Our experienced waste consultants will assist with preliminary planning of an Audit, and consult with employers and workers on a range of waste issues during the process.

We provide advice for recycling suitable materials identified in the waste stream, but also focus on opportunities to minimise waste in the first place through the purchasing system and modifying site operations.

If your organisation does not currently have a Waste Management Plan, we can develop one to suit individual circumstances.

If your organisation already operates in accordance with an environmental management system or waste management plan we can assist with auditing current waste management practices against existing policies.


In many cases, reducing the amount of waste or increasing recycling opportunities can have benefits for the company bottom line as well as the environment, and having a documented Waste Management Plan provides evidence that the business is committed to a sustainable future.